Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Window Of Opportunity

I am fifty-four years old and that is a fact, beyond this point it's all mere speculation.

I will die at eighty-four leaving me thirty years to do all that I want to do. I will live to experience the joys and to avoid the pitfalls that life is sure to dispense with impunity. It's hard to imagine what else there might be, but the impressive aspect of life is that it inevitably surpasses the ever expanding imagination of man. "Expect the unexpected" they say, but none of us are ever truly ready to do so. It's always a surprise. Expectations are tricky little things right? Expectations can be big as well. Expectations in the end are colored by the result of reaching them or falling short of them, how we proceed or how we take the next step. What will we have learned? Will it be fear or confidence that will determine the rest of our days?

At birth we are all given a window of opportunity. We are all different, so not two windows can be exactly the same. One can't control what he's given, only what he does with it. Be thankful for the window given...and be mindful of those with smaller windows.


  1. Did you see this Lucky? http://www.ted.com/talks/bobby_mcferrin_hacks_your_brain_with_music.html

    I posted it the other day on FB. Expectations...


  2. I missed it the first time but I saw it now...thank you, Bobby McFerrin is just brilliant

  3. Well said and so true. Expectations are indeed tricky whether we expect from others or from ourselves. No one should expect anything because as you say so well what we have , we have today and the rest is speculation. Instead of expectations, we should engage in positive programmation and let the universe give us what we really desire and need.