Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love Your Shirt

So my postings on Facebook have taken a funny turn, I say funny simply based on the responses, but you can be assured there will be hits and misses.
Making fun of oneself is not only important....it's funny right? Right. So I will start with this one and will also blog some of the other previously posted "ads" and "whatnots".

Can you just see it? Can you hear it? I think it's important to hear a heavy accent in reading it...French would be a good one..a bit pretentious, she's an American visiting Southern France for the first time. Perhaps if we heard the rest of the conversation it would go like this...

     He: eet was from zee first moment I saw you....your hair...your eyes...I love your shirt

     She: hmmm yes....it's 100% cotton...soft don't you  think?

     He: yes soft like your skin, I notice your walk, zee buttons details...how zee designer engrave each leetle
           button wit zee name ooohhh eet makes me..how you say...like an imbeecil...stupeed...crazy

     She: I understand, every detail is...why, the way it fits my body

     agitatedly interrupting

     He: YES, YES YOUR BODDY I love your boddy ees ah so uh nice

     She: I love your shirt too baby those buttons are making  my head spin

     He: tomorrow we must order some more.....I never want thees moments to end.....

As they spooned into the night dreaming of logging on together onto alwaysgetLucky.com

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