Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love Your Shirt

So my postings on Facebook have taken a funny turn, I say funny simply based on the responses, but you can be assured there will be hits and misses.
Making fun of oneself is not only important....it's funny right? Right. So I will start with this one and will also blog some of the other previously posted "ads" and "whatnots".

Can you just see it? Can you hear it? I think it's important to hear a heavy accent in reading it...French would be a good one..a bit pretentious, she's an American visiting Southern France for the first time. Perhaps if we heard the rest of the conversation it would go like this...

     He: eet was from zee first moment I saw you....your hair...your eyes...I love your shirt

     She: hmmm yes....it's 100% cotton...soft don't you  think?

     He: yes soft like your skin, I notice your walk, zee buttons details...how zee designer engrave each leetle
           button wit zee name ooohhh eet makes me..how you say...like an imbeecil...stupeed...crazy

     She: I understand, every detail is...why, the way it fits my body

     agitatedly interrupting

     He: YES, YES YOUR BODDY I love your boddy ees ah so uh nice

     She: I love your shirt too baby those buttons are making  my head spin

     He: tomorrow we must order some more.....I never want thees moments to end.....

As they spooned into the night dreaming of logging on together onto alwaysgetLucky.com

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How much pretentiousneess can $1000.00 buy?

Last night I was reminded why I had stopped reading GQ Magazine. Pretentiousness.

I had to stop and look up the word...and there it was, disillusioned that I wasn't wrong, but there it was just the same. I was hoping that English, my second language, was failing me. It wasn't.

pretentiousness - the quality of being pretentious (behaving or speaking in such a manner as to create a false appearance of great importance or worth) wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn 

My son Daniel brought home the March 2010 issue, he is currently following in the family trade which is fashion and GQ I'm afraid, has come to be what we call "FASHION". On the bedroom floor among the bedlam that is the picture of the prolonged adolescence of the times it sat, still, waiting for a turn of the page to scream the reckless words it came to believe just merely because... they had put them into print. It beckoned me like a long forgotten adversary that had broken from the ranks without fanfare. Thinking somehow that in the heat of battle it might have ridden past the sunset...it had not. It beckoned me as the apple drew Adam and with as much intent and venom.

So here I was, weakened by the state of television today, I did....I picked it up. By page 100, not even half way through, I had had enough. The mental convulsions were more than I could bare, why was I doing this to myself? Why would I put myself through the agony that even an Anbien CR could not tame? There could only be one reason...I was the chosen one to slay the dragon. Have you ever noticed that if you don't fall asleep within minutes the Ambien will give you a slight buzz? Ok, well, that's it, my pretentious moment, that's my excuse for feeling so grandiose as to be the "chosen one" and no, I wasn't seeing dragonS...just one....one...well that's it, just one...GQ.

These pants at the top of page 100 started the ball rolling, I was just looking at the ads and pictures for the first go around. Did you read that? I actually thought I was going to do this twice. Pay close attention to the price at the bottom of the picture.
Hey you, short attentioned Blogger reader!!!! That's $1,950.00....move over King Tut, Barneys has some of your gold in the Men's department.  I scan further down ...oohhh wait, there's a shirt that goes with that, I feel better now  uh......what? You want to charge me for that too???? Uh-huh says Mr. Barney with his hand on his hip and his head trying to decide if it wants to be on his right shoulder or on his left shoulder.
Ok then, let's take a look....you see, Mr. Barney Sir, I design shirts and have manufactured them in three different continents...Uh-huh...my head's not steady on my shoulders either!!

You see the one on the left? That's theirs. The one on the right? That's mine. Most shirts have 72 sewing steps, this way surpasses that. The fabric is 100% cotton from one of the best mills in the world, out of Austria to be exact. The shirt is made by the finest craftsmen and women in Italy. No, not made in Romania and then we slap a made in Italy label, no Sir, it's really, really Made in Italy. Do you see the price? $130.00. You see theirs? $750.00. If you want the remaining long list of the details drop me a note because I have another item to bitch about. I am feeling like Pacino in Scent Of A Woman "OHHHH I'M JUST GETTING STARTED HERE!!!!!"

Take a look at this. Are you kidding? Bill Lavin is among the best in the business and the belt retails for $85.00. Nothing against the belt from Barneys but $1,255.00? So there you go, to me the cost of  pretentiousness is the difference in cost between the two belts, $1,170.00. I understand that one product can have better materials, it might be made in Italy vs. China where labor is cheaper, I GET IT, but $1,170.00?

Pretentiousness should be defined as: the act of  allowing someone a power grab, an ass kiss, to self medicate with self righteousness by another that is less educated as well as senseless. Lethal cocktail those two. Educate yourself, ask the questions so that you may allow yourself to laugh and laugh heartily at the pretentiousness that is hoisted your way at the turn of each page like a whip striking your very consciousness. With 100 pages behind me, my sentence was 100 strikes....then I freed myself so that I....could slay the dragon.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Calling all Vluxe LoVers

Once upon a time in the land of fashion there was a collection called Vluxe.

By the name underneath it you can see who designed it. Ok, I am the one saying it....but it was truly inspired...everything about it quite frankly. The fabrics, the models, the marketing (largely contributed to by my friends at BOLT in Charlotte, N.C.), the vibe was just....well great. The inspirations came from my travels and the people I met along the way.

Many of you became loving, wearing fans and purchased Vluxe products from the very top men's stores throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and yes as far as Russia. The details and love that went into every product was spectacular, I know, because I am the one that put the LOVE into it. There was a great team behind it to say the least and I am forever grateful to the men and women that walked beside me, in particular the sales team that was among the best in the country.

Like everything in life...things change. Today you will be able to find the same LoVe and Passion in the shirts I design like IDENTITY, X and XTDM for women, as well as a very special collection of handmade ties at a site called....go figure....www.alwaysgetLucky.com

Not only will you find my work, but that of contemporaries such as Bill Lavin and Vivek Nagrani doing what they do best....belts, socks and more. Not just any socks or belts friends....SPECTACULAR BELTS and SOCKS.

Due to the fact that we now come to you direct and these shirts and ties are Made in Italy, you will now get twice the value but at the same price and in some cases lower than before. This is not the same company as before....it is a completely separate enterprise but with the same care, loVe and Passion as I have always given you...thus www.alwaysgetLucky.com

I look forward to reconnecting with you all,
Lucky Nahum

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Window Of Opportunity

I am fifty-four years old and that is a fact, beyond this point it's all mere speculation.

I will die at eighty-four leaving me thirty years to do all that I want to do. I will live to experience the joys and to avoid the pitfalls that life is sure to dispense with impunity. It's hard to imagine what else there might be, but the impressive aspect of life is that it inevitably surpasses the ever expanding imagination of man. "Expect the unexpected" they say, but none of us are ever truly ready to do so. It's always a surprise. Expectations are tricky little things right? Expectations can be big as well. Expectations in the end are colored by the result of reaching them or falling short of them, how we proceed or how we take the next step. What will we have learned? Will it be fear or confidence that will determine the rest of our days?

At birth we are all given a window of opportunity. We are all different, so not two windows can be exactly the same. One can't control what he's given, only what he does with it. Be thankful for the window given...and be mindful of those with smaller windows.