Friday, January 29, 2010

A Hotel to Remember

There are reasons why certain moments in time feel as though the world around you vanishes and your senses seem to take on supernatural powers, this was one of them.

As you turn into what seems like a small forest, you feel engulfed by nature and as you approach L'Albereta Hotel in the Franciacorte area in Northern Italy. You are facing a spectacularly restored house, which at that very moment, epitomizes the expression "it took my breath away".


The vineyards embracing the structure spoke of its history and care in what Italians do with passion. This was going to be a culinary delight, which I new from everything I'd been told about this fine establishment. What I didn't know was the comfort that would await me when I would be shown the two floor suite by Carl. His heavy German accent surprised me, but I soon realized that this was a hotel that attracted the very best in the business as he was about to show me where I was to reside over the next two days.


Carl explained that with a push of a button the roof over the bed on the second floor of the suite would simply open up and so that night I slept under the stars.

There are reasons why certain moments in time feel as though the world around you vanishes and your senses seem to take on supernatural powers, this was one of them.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Union of My State - Intro

As the minutes tic down closer and closer to our President's address of the State of the Union I got to thinking of my very own life, how together it is at 54. Is it too soon to ask of oneself? Is it too narcissistic to ask "out loud"? Today's technology allows me to do it, does it mean I should? Perhaps it will save a few dollars at the analyst, perhaps.

Thinking that I'll watch the President speak to the nation and the world preceded by American Idol may be very telling of myself and considering the viewership, I would say of all of us.

This may very well be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship with my blogging, walking the fine line between truth and fiction, right and wrong, entertainment and reality. A time to search the way or another....stay tuned.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Life it in the details.

I've known this for a while. I learned it as a child of a Master Tailor and a Seamstress, in the care they put into their work. Reflected in every stitch was pride, giving, love, passion and this...this told me a lot about them as people. I wish I had learned it early on, as early as my first spoken words, so that I might have been able to verbally express my gratitude right there and then. Instead, I also learned that appreciation for the details wasn't merely a gift that could or should be handed over, if it were, I am sure my parents would have gladly given it to me. They gave me this gift just the same and perhaps, the way it is meant to be living an exemplary life.

I watched with amazement as a bolt of cloth could turn into a garment. I watched the garment's worth "split" to bring pride to both to the maker and the wearer. As a child I strolled the boulevards of the seashore city of my birth, Tripoli,  I saw the joy in the wearer and his wife as they too strolled with a step that might have otherwise had a lesser bounce. This was infectious and it spread to everyone that came in contact with what was....a piece of cloth, some buttons and thread in the hands of those that gave me the gift of detail.

In my work today, as in my life, I try to instill that same detail which of course means so much more than one might think off at first glance... but then, life is in the details.