Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spending Less Will Cost You More: Why the rich ARE richer

Recent studies show that to a point, money does indeed make you happy. Frankly I would have charged the researchers half of what the study may have cost them to figure that out. Then again I would not have had all the hard data that they had, just my street learned lessons. When it comes to clothes, something I am qualified to speak on, I can assure you similar logic applies.

I had the good fortune of being born into a family of tailors, so it wasn't unusual that before I was 8 years old I already had my first cutom tailored jacket and pants. At the same time, because birds of a feather indeed do flock together, my father also had his friend make my brother and I custom shoes....Brown Desert Suede Boots.

I've heard people bemown the cost of high end clothing without the knowledge of what goes into the making of a garment. I was always quick to point out that they should never consider spending the money without understanding why. I've watched as people forsake quality for quantity, and believing they are coming out ahead.

I will put it as simply as possible. Clothing that is made from better materials and constructed better will not only last longer, look better and fit better, but it will also give you what may seem less obvious before the purchase.....a better feeling. How much is feeling good worth?

When purchasing lower quality garments, you will need to buy several to cover the lifetime of one well made garment, this is simple mathematics. Materials, and by this I mean fabric, accesories etc. are richer looking, take and keep color better have more intricate weaves, feel better to the touch and on and on. Not all garments are cut or sewn in the same manner. The thought that goes into the design of the garment in order to have it fit the body in a flattering manner is important and hard work. The way in which the fabric is cut makes for a better fit and accuracy in being the proper size. The sewing process that doesn't skimp or cut corners makes for an item that not only wears well through time but fits well also.

These are the tangibles of a garment, but what about the question asked earlier...have you given it a thought? How much is feeling good worth? This is not so simple as there isn't an answer that fits all. So, the extention of the question should you. How much is feeling good YOU? Will you carry yourself better? Will you make a better impression on those you meet? Will they treat you better? Will feeling better about yourself lead you to a better position and doing a better job at it?

Well you see where it all leads, and the opposite is true with all the negative results. Quality and quantity are to be balanced, but if you are to tip the scales a bit....tip them on the side of quality.

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