Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I drift to Italy

As I sit in my studio, while behind me Winter continues to make its relentless power known,
I drift to Italy.
Thoughts transport me across the water,  I seek to improve the ride, so I add a soundtrack of my choosing to my daydream.

There's something about Italy that seems to go deeper for me, and I believe it's in the beauty that exudes from everything the Italian air touches. I think about how many times I literally took the road less traveled to discover a spectacular view or a restaurant that was on no one's radar.

It is in those moments that I wish I could share it with the world, that I wish everyone could feel the pure joy of that very moment. There's an Italy the world has been in love with for centuries, and then there's an Italy that you realize has the power to draw the very life out of you while in the same instance breathe life into you, filling you up with the knowledge that you will never be the same again.
You will never be able to live without it.

So, I drift to Italy today and think about those of you that will come with me in September on the trip  ITALY: OPENING THE DOORS OF FASHION
and the moments we'll share.

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  1. Ahhh, you are so right! There’s a real sense of tranquility and completeness there. Around every corner such beautiful scenery you have to catch your breathe. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes are enhanced- nothing is unremarkable. No, it’s not a drug, it’s ITALY! The focus is on quality, whether it’s food, art, fashion, etc. rather that quantity. Everyone takes pride in their work and makes it beautiful. The priority is living a full and meaningful life 