Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Will you check it out if it says SEXY?

A cheap little ploy you're thinking, is a relative term and "ploy"...well "ploy" is a four letter word and I was taught better than that.

Or was I? Ok I'll admitted if you'll admit, at least to yourself,  that you checked this blog out because the word "SEXY" was in the title. Look I'll feel good either way, I'll either believe that my initial premise was correct or that you just enjoy my writing.

While I have you here however, why not make the most of the moment?

With my dear friend and model Gleicy Santos looking at you you're not going to look away now are you? No, and I am thankful for your attention. I have known Gleicy from when she first made her way here from Brazil, young, bright eyed and shy about her "poor" English.

As we sat in a restaurant  in New York with a group of friends, I remember leaning over and reminding her that she should look around....that she should not feel shy, that most of those there only spoke one language and that she at least had a good start on a second one.

I am not sure if those words made the effect I had make her feel comfortable and remind her of the confidence she deserved to have. Perhaps she thought about it...perhaps not. I do know that she went on to have a wonderful career which continues to this day.

I am thankful for her friendship and for the beautiful photographs of Gleicy wearing
one of my designs from the x te da me muito amor!

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  1. The woman is a stunning beauty...and that fantastically designed shirt just adds to her allure...and I luv that it was shot in black & white!!!