Sunday, February 20, 2011


The consolation always was that if your work was "knocked off"...copied, that this was the biggest form of flattery. My attitude towards this practice has been that everybody does a bit of borrowing, but also that if they were copying me it meant I was ahead of "them".

Throughout my career, there have been many, many times when I watched my work be copied and positive attitude or not, I can't say it never bothered me.

While checking the analytics on the website, I always enjoy the area that tells you where in the world the hits are coming from. So, on this day, about two months ago I notice an interest from China.

I had an inclination of what to expect, but hey...nothing new right? Wrong!
Copying a design is one thing but using MY name? That would never happen right? Wrong!

Well, there it is folks! A little research (not too much trust me) discovered my name actually being used on a product. I have filtered out some of the information to protect the "allegedly" guilty.

Are you there yet? Are you thinking it? You are going to sue right? Wrong?
Litigation is extremely expensive and draining on the soul... and there's only so much soul to go around.

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