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You and I 

A Fashion Journey 

September 10-17, 2011


To live the fashionista insider lifestyle

Over 30 years in the High-End Fashion industry has allowed me to share my creativity
with the public and travel the world. My fluency in the language let me live the Italian Lifestyle to the fullest while designing and manufacturing in Italy.
Now I will take you behind the scenes of Fashion where the remaining few truly
Italian producers remain. You will observe them produce and have the opportunity to buy ready made and made to measure at inside prices. We will enjoy wonderful meals and travel to areas not often found by the every day tourist, something you’ll discover soon into this journey.

These are my plans for our trip to Italy.
You may partake in part or in whole, as you have your freedom to live
your Italian dream the way YOU dream it.

Day One: We will arrive in Rome and proceed to Spello to check into Hotel La Bastiglia  .

We will relax, acclimate to Italian time with some Prosecco and leisurely explore this wonderful medieval walled in town.
The day will be topped of with a wonderful meal and wine of the region and if you have more energy left, even some dancing.
 Day Two: We will go towards the seaside town of Ancona encountering smaller towns along the way and visit manufacturers of shoes, sweaters and shirts. Observing the process of producing these wonderful garments, you may choose to be custom fitted and purchase some garments. Stopping to visit a vineyard and taste the wonderful wines of The Marches is a must before heading back to Spello and a wonderful dinner among friends.

Day Three: Bologna will be our destination as we travel north. But as we cross into Tuscany we'll stop to visit several of the remaining Italian artisans that are at the heart of the Fashion Industry as they share with you an appreciation for what goes into making a garment. Together we will do some shopping all along building an appetite in one of the richest culinary regions of Italy, we will have a lunch to remember. Perhaps a quick detour to stop at a vineyard and pick up a gift or two might be in order.
In the evening we will dine at Gastronomia Clinica, a jewel in a small town of Rubriera outside of Bologna. I have dined here many times and the award of the Michelin Star they have received from the Michelin Guide backs me up when I tell you that it is DEVINE!

 Day Four: This may just be the morning for shoes and bags!!!! Italians have crafted leathers for centuries in a manner of style unsurpassed in the world. Watching the production is exhilarating and to have a shoe custom made is among the ultimate in made to order experiences. Part of the day will be spent traveling to Vicenza where gold is worked in refined pieces of artful jewelry.

We will catch our breaths in the Venetian Villa I have stayed in for years called 
Villa Tacchi in the countryside between Vicenza and Padova. It is peaceful and sublime appointed with the antique furniture of the period and all the comfortable modernity of today.

Day Five: After a day of jewelry and an evening of Prosecco from the area of its origin we will make our way west towards Brescia and the lake region in Lombardy and check in at L'albereta Relais and Chateaux. Here we will visit renowned producers of Fashion with exports throughout the world.

The best producers of one the world’s finest cheeses will await us, it is always great to bring some home, perhaps we’ll squeeze in a vineyard since being in the Franciacorta area present us with many wonderful choices.

Day Six:
On the way to Como we stop at the factory of one of the world’s best makers of shoes and bags. Como is a town that was the silk center of the world for many, many years and this is where I started my career as a designer. It is still sprinkled with Fashion related companies from fabric mills to producers of garments and accessories. This is where we’ll spend our last night in Italy…. in Fashion and with Love.

As this is a very exclusive and personalized excursion, adjustments and changes to our schedule may occur to enhance the experience based on the group’s makeup and daily circumstances.  I love the opportunity that each day brings and you never know when you might have to make a slight detour to taste the best gelato of your life!!!
You will be in my good and experienced hands, while in Italy.

Special dates and group are invited and indeed encouraged, inquire by writing to 
regarding ny part of our Fashion Vacations or  just to send us a great recipe ;)

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