Sunday, July 10, 2011

Punked or True? Yes.

While at dinner with friends last night two beautiful girls approached our table and asked "where we punked or is it true?". My honest response was "yes, you were punked AND it's true". So let me back it up a bit, this would be the flash back in a movie if it were one, of what actually happened earlier in the evening.

While inspecting a less than respectable menu, I kept witnessing a parade of couples and groups of young people entering the restaurant and being seated for dinner. I love to see this, young people enjoying themselves in a civil manner, partaking in dining out as they were about to do.

What caught my attention good, bad or indifferent and to no one's surprise, was their choices in apparel. Let's be sure we understand, those young people I ended up speaking with were all pleasant, fun and willing to have their photograph taken as a contribution to this blog.

The girls, as it is the style de jeur, were wearing cute dresses with beautiful hair and appropriate make-up. The men on the other hand, although they looked clean and freshly showered looked like they might have chosen their next clean golf or boating outfit.

All cute, all very nice people but really?? REALLY? Come on guys!!! A bit of an effort please. I understand you may have preferred to be out at a bar holding a beer instead but follow a simple rule.


Look nobody made me the Fashion Police, but I made myself a Fashion Designer and a passionate one at that. Life is filled with do's and dont's, right and wrongs. How do I know I'm right? I just know because this is and has been a large part of my life. By the way, you know who also knew? You see the guy above on the left? When I approached their table, introduced myself and told them I wanted to blog about the way they were dressed, he immediately looked at his shorts and then looked up with that "busted" look that told me he understood.
Guys, do as you will, but respect your women when you go out with them and more importantly, respect yourself.

These guys were very nice and felt unprepared to be photographed, but they had come out this way, perhaps having just come from their backyard pool. In a bit of sympathy, I will say that they were there for what may have been a take out...but still.

As I was leaving this couple walked in and I thought, well there....there is hope. This guy still chose shorts for the Summer night it was, but he looks like he put some thought and care into it. True, not everyone can pull the look, but he did and he looked and felt great. Oh yeah, a couple of women at the bar asked me why I was photographing them as I explained they admitted to having noticed all the couples...and not all for the right reasons, but as it turned out, for the same reason I had noticed them.

I want to thank all the couples for being wonderfully cordial and participating in my passion and fun for the evening, for being good sports and for providing me with fodder for by blog.

Oh yeah back to the beginning, Punked or True? Yes.

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