Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Union of My State - Intro

As the minutes tic down closer and closer to our President's address of the State of the Union I got to thinking of my very own life, how together it is at 54. Is it too soon to ask of oneself? Is it too narcissistic to ask "out loud"? Today's technology allows me to do it, does it mean I should? Perhaps it will save a few dollars at the analyst, perhaps.

Thinking that I'll watch the President speak to the nation and the world preceded by American Idol may be very telling of myself and considering the viewership, I would say of all of us.

This may very well be the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship with my blogging, walking the fine line between truth and fiction, right and wrong, entertainment and reality. A time to search the way or another....stay tuned.

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