Wednesday, December 9, 2009

when all around you they are losing their heads....keep your heart

At a faster and faster pace the world keeps coming at us as we try to adapt as best we can and have through our history on earth. The constant seems to be that the day still holds twenty-four hours with more to do, more to read, more music to hear, more phone calls, e-mails, texts.

Frenetically we go through our days forgetting what yesterday and the day before were all about.
The amount of data we consume is growing exponentially and I believe, we battle to keep up with it as we believe this is pertinent to our survival.

Is it? At what cost? Do some of us adapt, evolve and thrive while others about us lose their heads? Our hearts? Our very souls? If nothing matters but to survive, to meek out an existence, then it's all quite irrelevant I think. If on the other hand....and there is always another hand, we choose to be meaningful in our lives, then it is the quality of life and not the quantity that should define us.

I hope that in the days, months and years to come we all define our existence in terms that can be measured by the love we share, by the joy we can so capably give one another to enrich us in ways never before experienced.

You may ask yourself what, if anything, does this have to do with my designing, my shirt collections, with


It has everything, however, to do with my heart.


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