Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Conversation With Nickelson Wooster Of Neiman Marcus

Men's fashion director Nickelson Wooster shows us how to rock a khaki jacket at the office.

The above picture and tag line was a post on the Neiman Marcus Facebook page. As social networks go this is done to generate conversations with an audience. Below in italics is the comment  I, among others, left for this wonderful and prestigious iconic establishment and their Men's fashion director Nickelson Wooster. So in fun, in the interest of fashion and the extension of conversation, here it is......

The Tan/Khaki cotton suit is a Spring & Summer classic, no doubt. I do like that he's wearing it with a blue shirt as that khaki and blue combo ALWAYS works....well 'till it doesn't work. 

Sorry Nickelson but I only have this picture to go on and since these posts are put up to generate conversation, I will converse.

In the photograph the shirt doesn't come up "rich" enough, again, it's difficult to tell here, but a pinpoint oxford or a chambray would have made this look go further if it also offered a slightly more definitive "blue".

The fact that you chose not to button your button down collar is interesting but it if you're trying for that "I am a country gentleman" look, it is best done without a tie. Clearly this is not a situation of having overlooked it because you prized cattle had broken through the fence in northern Scotland and you were distracted. I say "clearly" because your look is a thought out one down to the detail in the placement of the tie bar where it creates just enough of a curvature to the tie that not only gives it depth but allows the light to refract accordingly along the different parts of the curvature.

All in all a 7.5 out of one asked, and I don't expect a job offer to come any time soon, I'm just sayin'

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